We’ve just learned about the latest advances in Plenoptics technology via the brilliant people behind PetaPixel, so before we go any farther, a GIANT THANKS to PetaPixel for all their amazing reporting and perpetually fascinating hard work!  Now.  If you aren’t familiar with this technology, Plenoptic Camera systems are designed around a multi-lens array that captures far more information than a traditional camera system. The captured image data must go through careful post-imaging processing to reveal a useful image, but this inventive approach to image capture enables a plethora of impressive and unique capabilities, the most exciting of which (for us) is the ability to DYNAMICALLY DESIGN AN IMAGE’S FOCUS & DEPTH OF FIELD… IN POST!

(Adobe recently showcased a brief demo of this process which can be seen in the attached video)

Plenoptic enabled cameras are apparently available NOW, although prices have not yet been released to the public. To learn more, please visit the PetaPixel website at:

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