KHI LogoHave you heard the big news from Red Digital Cinema? EPIC is FINALLY, OFFICIALLY moving into production! An initial list of enabled features gathered from the recent RED announcement includes Mysterium-X 5K at either 120fps (2.40:1) or 96 fps at Full Frame, incredible new REDCODE RAW compression rates (3:1 to 25:1) (when utilizing the RED SSD), and timecode sync generation at 23.98, 24, 47.96 and 48 fps. (One interesting note is that for the short term, while timecode IS fully enabled, internal Audio is not.)

The Epic Brain, including a Titanium PL lens mount, is stated as weighing in at 5 pounds (even less with a Canon/Nikon Mount), and just 10 pounds with a side SSD Module, side Handle, AND a Lens!  PL, Panavision, and Canon Mounts will be available immediately (Nikon mounts will follow close behind), and nearly every other “required” EPIC accessory will indeed ship with the camera.  Most importantly, the side and rear SSD recording module accessories are first in line. In fact, the Side SSD will now be the “standard” side module for EPIC, replacing the traditional side CF module. Luckily, there will also be an SSD adapter that mounts CF cards as an SSD magazine, so you can still use your existing collection of CF cards in either the side SSD or SSD reader modules.

For present Red Users, all past and present RED monitoring options will still work with the EPIC, but be able to supplement their existing EVF, 5″ and 7″ LCDs with the soon to arrive touchscreen monitors or “interestingly” named “BOMB” EVF. And with the addition of 1080P HD-SDI and HDMI outputs directly from the brain itself, EPIC shooters will have a plethora of new monitoring options.

To see the latest news, and for more info, check out the official RED Link HERE:

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