This Sheraton Project was a blast… especially with Producer/Director Chris Olsen at the helm!  It’s always fun when you get to jump in at the beginning of a project, and we’re proud to have crafted this piece from initial concept and storyboards, all the way through the shoot, into VFX and post-production, and ending with the final Muxed stereoscopic files for DCP (Digital Cinema Package) output.  The piece looks glorious in Full Color 3D…but you’ll only see that in the theatre… so for those of you on the web, check out the 2D Color version here, or the red/blue anaglyphic 3D version in the next post.  By the way… in case you hadn’t guessed, we love this kind of stuff, so feel free to contact us for your next Stereoscopic 3D Project at!

*Agency/Client: Freeman/Starwood /
*Producer/Director/Editor/Story: Chris Olsen /
*Script: Roger Rueff /
*Project Manager: Patrick Brandell /
*Director of Photography/Stereographer: Jeff Gatesman/
*3D Camera Team: 21st Century 3D (NYC) /
*Casting: Faith Hibbs-Clark/Good Faith Casting (Phoenix, AZ) /
*Lighting/Grip: Reel Men Inc. (Phoenix, AZ) /
*VFX, Editorial, and Pre & Post-Production: Kai Harding, Inc. (Chicago) /
*Audio Recording/Audio Post: BAM Studios (Chicago) /

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