Unlike many filmmakers I’ve met, it’s pretty rare that I begin developing a film with a completed script in hand.  Blame it on my visual arts orientation, but most of my stories start out in my mind as a series of illustrative images with very little dialogue.  This is one of the reasons why I […]

Project Gallery – BUTTERFLY

It’s been three years since I first began work on BUTTERFLY, and two years since the film first premiered at the Chicago International Film Fest.  But it’s taken me till now to finally dig through the scads of pics, rehearsal images, and pre-production tests in order to share some of the original work that gave […]


For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see Butterfly yet, you should definitely check out the Little Rock International Film Fest on May 13th-17th.   Butterfly is playing as part of the “Shorts Program #2: The Life of the Mind” at the fest, which has showings on both May 14th and 16th in Theatre #8 at the Riverdale Cinemas.  Of special note… […]

Butterfly @ the Bare Bones Film Fest!

So April is a good month to see BUTTERFLY on the Big Screen! For those of you not able to make the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival in California (See Below), you can check it out again less than two weeks later at the Bare Bones Film Fest in Oklahoma (April 16th-26th)! BUTTERFLY plays as part of the “Short Subjects #3” Program on Friday, […]

Butterfly’s Next Stop… Lake Arrowhead, California!

Calling all So-Cal film fans… “.butterfly.” is set to make its California Premiere at the 2009 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival beginning at 1 PM PST on April 3rd, 2009.  (For those of you from the Midwest, Lake Arrowhead is kinda the Lake Geneva of Hollywood… Who knew?) Anyhoo, the festival oughta be spectacular, and while it is open to the […]

Just flew back from Miami, and Boy! Are my arms tired!

… Okay, so the Miami Short Film Festival was a blast, and Miami was beautiful, but returning to Chicago and having to shovel snow this morning was just kind of cruel.  But enough about snow… Let’s talk about the exceptionally cool Miami Short Film Fest! From the very top, William, the film fest’s Founder, and Brenda, the […]

Got a minute? Vote for “butterfly” on IMDB!

Okay… so you’ve seen “butterfly”… but now what?  Well, now it’s time to get your butt over to IMDB, and vote! Follow the link below, and click on the “user rating”… You’ll be glad you did! (If you are not a registered user, you’ll need to create a new login to vote (keeps people […]

SCREEN MAGAZINE – “Kai Harding’s BUTTERFLY sets a muse in motion”

  Just found out we’ve got a great spread in the latest issue of SCREEN MAGAZINE, courtesy of writer Matt Fagerholm!  The article, featuring founder Chris Olsen, speaks to our interdisciplinary approach to film design, and covers several examples of our recent work, including Chris’s new film fest fave “Butterfly,” so check it out! ‘Kai Harding’s BUTTERFLY […]

BUTTERFLY @ the Miami Short Film Festival!

Come watch the Florida Premiere of Chris Olsen’s new poetically cinematic dance film BUTTERFLY at the Miami Short Film Festival (presented as part of the “Word” short films program) which will play at the Miami Beach Cinematheque at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008. The festival is open to the public, and tickets and more information can be found at: For more […]

BUTTERFLY @ Chicago International Film Fest!

Chris Olsen’s dance film, Butterfly,will make its premiere at the 2008 Chicago International Film Festival as part of the “Illinoisemakers” short films program. The festival is open to the public. The film, a fascinating interpretation of artistic passion told through poetry, dance, and gorgeous cinematography, will play as part of the “Shorts 1” program, at the AMC River […]