“MEARRA” on PBS-WYCC March 7th, 2015 @ 7PM

Kai Harding Entertainment is proud to announce that Emmy®-winning producer/director Christopher Kai Olsen has partnered with critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Linda Marie Smith to bring her legendary celtic story told through original music and multimedia to television. The ancient celtic legend of the Selkie is the setting for Mearra-Selkie from the Sea, a musical multimedia extravaganza […]

ROGUE BALLERINA – “Spotlight Shines on White City Doc”

Thanks so much for the BENEATH THE WHITE CITY LIGHTS coverage from ROGUE BALLERINA! (Written by: Vicki Crain, Published on 2/21/2012) (2/21/2012) Vicki Crain of ROGUE BALLERINA – “Spotlight Shines on White City Doc”