The “Lifeline” Happening at Thomas Masters Gallery

Kai Harding founder Chris Olsen recently partnered with Thodos Dance Chicago, Thomas Masters Gallery, and fashion designer Katrin Schnabl to develop a cross-disciplinary collaborative performance experience that eventually came to be known as “Lifelines”.  This invite-only “Happening”, composed of multilayered video projection, improvisational dance, electronic music, and wearable fabric sculpture, took place at the Thomas Masters Art Gallery on Friday January 23rd, 2015 playing to a packed house of avid fans of the avante-garde… and made for one heck of an evening! Kudos to all involved, especially our brilliant dancers Kyle Hadenfeldt, Diana Winfree, Brandon Harneck, and Tenley Dorrill.  Here are some pics of the event, and video should follow soon… But if you missed it, make sure to stay tuned for more happenings later this year!

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